Vision Statement


Engaged and motivated learners always faithful to our loving God.


St Patrick’s is a school where our Catholic identity underpins all we do. Our staff teach and model Catholic values making our faith real and relevant to the students. We practise daily prayer and promote fluidity between our parish, school and parent body.  St Patrick’s taps into the expertise and initiatives of our parents and the wider community and regularly invite them into our school. We celebrate with our school and parish communities and seek opportunities for social justice connections.


St Patrick’s provides a safe environment where everyone experiences a genuine sense of belonging.  We value rich, regular, quality feedback and ongoing support to achieve personal learning goals. Time is set aside to plan so that our shared vision of curriculum is clearly communicated and easily accessible. We identify needs and provide equal opportunities for professional development which builds professional capacity and capability to be engaged and motivated. Our Leadership model is strong and fair promoting a clear vision, building respectful, cohesive and positive relationships across our community.


The whole staff are involved in decisions regarding Action Research. Any research is relevant to the needs of our learners and is used to strengthen outcomes, ensuring the curriculum has a positive and meaningful impact.


Ongoing data tracking leads to learning that is differentiated therefore optimising engagement. Both students and teachers are excited about learning, involving themselves in rich, open ended tasks both inside and outside the classroom.  We utilise technology to communicate learning and strengthen home school partnerships. A healthy mindset, coupled with resilience and well-developed social skills ensures all learners are equipped to deal with life’s challenges, and have the skills to positively resolve conflict and communicate their ideas and emotions.


Learners leave St Patrick’s self motivated and ready to make a positive impact on their world.