Student Leadership & Wellbeing

Student Leadership

Promoting student leadership supports the wellbeing of all learners at St Pat's.

In the final years of Primary School students participate in a School Leader process aimed at encouraging students to reflect on their leadership skills and further develop these with the aim of receiving a Senior Leader Badge.

Year 6 Leaders

Every Year 6 student applies and takes on a leadership role. The role involves leadership in representing the school at community events, greeting visitors, mentoring junior students and fellow leaders as well as organising and supporting school events.

Every Year 6 takes on a Prep Buddy leadership role and are trained to support the new Foundation/ Prep children to make a confident transition into our school.

The Year 6 student leaders shine when they lead special celebration days including St Patrick's Day and Footy Colours Day.

Some of the leadership roles include:

  • Faith and Social Justice Leaders
  • Environment Leaders
  • Arts Leaders
  • Sports Leaders
  • Digital Tech Leaders

Year 5 Leaders

Year 5 leaders take on the role of  PLAY Leaders. PLAY is a  Resilient Youth programme that promotes inclusive, fun and fair play to the younger year levels.  
The PLAY leaders encourage, support and teach students to play games fairly and interact positively with peers during lunchtimes.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Learners across the school can become part of the SRC Student Representative Council. They meet with the Student Wellbeing Leader to provide student voice and ensure the school is the best environment possible for all learners.

Student Wellbeing


Wellbeing for Learning in our Catholic School Community supports the development of school wide practices and cultures that enable children to:

  • deeply connect 'who they are' and 'how they can be' in the world to the Catholic faith
  • reach their potential
  • build positive and connected relationships
  • develop skills and attitudes that promote wellbeing and resilience
  • deepen their appreciation of learning, their  perseverance and their stamina
  • lead optimistic, graced and hope filled lives of impact

( Supports the Catholic Education Melbourne Horizons of Hope education framework and its Wellbeing Foundation Statement.  Aligns with National Safe Schools Framework and the Victorian Curriculum F-10)

At St Pat's school we promote a healthy, supportive and secure environment in which all teachers assume responsibility for student wellbeing.

We aim to provide successful experiences for all children, where children feel safe and secure and where a sense of belonging and well-being are strengthened.

We raise awareness of what makes students resilient and support them to develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and increase coping skills. We see Pastoral Care/Behaviour Support as an integral part of Student Wellbeing.

We maintain Social and Emotional Wellbeing programs such as:

  • Mindfulness
  • Circle Time
  • Student Awards
  • Buddy Program (Preps and Year 6 students)
  • Student Leadership and SRC
  • Orientation to school (for new Preps)
  • Transition to Secondary School (for Year 6)

Our Student Wellbeing leader works with the staff, parents and outside agencies to ensure the best possible experiences at school for students. At times students are referred to outside agencies and services.

Individual Student Needs

At St Patrick’s we strive to support students in overcoming any challenges they face in accessing the general curriculum. When students present with Social, Emotional, Educational and/or Learning difficulties they are supported with the development of Individual Learning Plans and with the development of Program Support Groups.

The Program Support Groups are made up of parents, teachers, the student wellbeing coordinator and a member of the leadership team. The group works together to discuss the best possible ways of assisting the child’s learning and of providing ongoing support.

Some students qualify for funding from the Catholic Education Office.

Behaviour Support and Pastoral Care

At St Patrick’s we believe that Pastoral Care and Behaviour Support have their foundations in the Gospel Values of Compassion, Justice, Love, Respect, Non-Violence, Tolerance and Dignity.

A positive and proactive approach to behaviour is the most effective way to empower students to act in a responsible manner. We aim to promote a positive school climate and a safe, supportive environment for students.

Our emphasis is on developing self-discipline, personal responsibility, resilience and self-respect.

We do not tolerate bullying, and we recognise that all people have the right to be shown respect from others, the right to learn or to teach, and a right to feel safe and secure in the school environment.

When relationships between members of our school community break down, we support and assist in the restoration of the relationships.  We use a restorative approach to restoring relationships and invite all parties to support this process.

Student Behaviour


Learning is fostered in an environment that promotes success and is concerned with the welfare of every student. Students, staff and parents have a shared understanding of the behaviour expectations.

Behaviour expectations are explicitly taught and a common language is used throughout the school about student behaviour.

Restorative practices are used in the management of student behaviour to help students to learn from their mistakes, grow in self discipline, take responsibility for their actions, recognise the impact of their actions and resolve conflict with others.

Parent Education

We offer parent education opportunities led by our own highly skilled and experienced staff as well as sessions by external facilitators. We listen to the needs of parents. Some of the sessions include:

  • cybersafety
  • social skills
  • restorative practices
  • resilience