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St.Patrick's Primary School

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Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing Program

At St Patrick’s school we endeavour to promote a healthy, supportive and secure environment in which all teachers assume responsibility for student wellbeing.

We endeavour to provide successful experiences for all children, where children feel safe and secure and where a sense of belonging and well-being are strengthened.

We endeavour to raise awareness of what makes students resilient, to develop strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and increase coping skills. We see Pastoral Care/Behaviour Management as an integral part of Student Wellbeing.

We endeavour to implement and maintain Social and Emotional Wellbeing programs such as:

  • The BounceBack Program
  • Circle Time
  • Student Awards
  • Buddy Program (Preps and Year 5/6 students)
  • Student Leadership and SRC
  • Orientation to school (for new Preps)
  • Transition to Secondary School (for Year 6)

Our Student Wellbeing leader works with the staff, parents and outside agencies to ensure the best possible experiences at school for students. At times students are referred to outside agencies and services.

Individual Student Educational Needs


At St Patrick’s we strive to support students in overcoming any challenges they face in accessing the general curriculum. When students present with Social, Emotional, Educational and/or Learning difficulties they are supported with the development of Individual Learning Plans and with the development of Program Support Groups.The Program Support Groups are made up of parents, teachers, the student wellbeing coordinator and the principal. The group works together to discuss the best possible ways of assisting the child’s learning and of providing ongoing support. Some students receive funding from the Catholic Education Office.

Behaviour Management and Pastoral Care

At St Patrick’s we believe that Pastoral Care and Behaviour Management have their foundations in the Gospel Values of Compassion, Justice, Love, Respect, Non-Violence, Tolerance and Dignity.

We aim to promote a positive school climate and a safe, supportive environment for students. Our emphasis is on developing self-discipline, personal responsibility, resilience and self-respect. We do not tolerate bullying, and we recognise that all people have the right to be shown respect from others, the right to learn or to teach, and a right to feel safe and secure in the school environment.

When relationships between members of our school community break down, we endeavour to support and assist in the restoration of the relationships.  All parties have the opportunity to take part in a Restorative chat.