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St.Patrick's Primary School

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“The most effective Catholic schools are distinguished, not by their physical resources, elaborate buildings or level of government financial assistance, but by their outstanding social climates which give them a special ethos or spirit …  The distinctive nature or ethos of such schools is an important element of their informal curriculum - that implicit, unofficial or unstudied learning which takes place through interactions, relationships and life of students, parents and staff.”

Br Marcellin Flynn - The Effectiveness of Catholic Schools

Parents & Friends

At St Patrick’s School, the Parents and Friends Association works to support the life of the school.

We believe the school should be a real Christian community where everyone - parents, teachers and children— feel respected and valued.


* to provide funds for the school, through fundraising

* to provide a social network for all parents

* to provide parent education in areas where parents seek information

* to liaise with other  Groups e.g. Education Board,  Patcare

* to provide support for the school: teachers and students through -

  • co-ordination/participation in different grade activities
  • skills sharing
  • children’s social events e.g. sausage sizzles, excursions, Mother’s and Father’s day stalls

Opportunities for Involvement:

All parents, guardians and carers of children attending St Patrick’s School are “members” of the Parents and Friends Association.

The Parents and Friends Association depends on parental involvement and it recognizes that each individual has different interests, skills and opportunities to become involved.  However, as the Parents and Friends activities are so diverse, it is possible for you to share your time and skills as it best suits you.

Involvement in the Parents and Friends, on any scale, is satisfying and rewarding for you and your children and benefits the entire school community.

The Parents and Friends meets every month and everyone is welcome, and can vote on any decisions being made.

Education Board

The Education Board acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the community.  It brings together, in a spirit of co-operation, Parish Priest, Principal, representatives of parents and teachers,  so that responsible, informed advice can be given to the Parish Priest and Principal.


The Board’s functions include:


¨ assisting in the formulation of the school policy in conjunction with the Parish Priest, school staff and parents;

¨ assisting in the supervision of the school’s financial operation;

¨ supporting the parish school in practical ways, such as ensuring that the school facilities and equipment are maintained;

¨ planning for the future and ensuring that the parish school can accommodate future school enrolments;

¨ assisting in the selection of a Principal when such an appointment is being made and in accordance with diocesan guidelines;

¨ working in collaboration with the Parents and Friends

¨ developing school/community relationships and encouraging home/school interaction.

¨ seeking a wider understanding of and support for Catholic primary and secondary schools.

P.O.P.E Group

POPE Parents as Open Partner's in Education

If you are  interested in contributing your ideas and thoughts around enhancing education for our children at St. Patrick’s, then you are encouraged to become active partners in your children’s education.  Monthly POPE forums are held for those interested parents to come together over a cup of coffee or tea. Everyone in our community has something to offer and we value your views.


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